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Sep 4, 2020

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Senator Marsha Blackburn about her new book, The Mind of a Conservative Woman: Seeking the Best for Family and Country

During this powerful podcast, Senator Blackburn shares...

- How she came up with the idea for her book and why she decided to write it

- The problem of how the mainstream media represents Conservatives in America

- Her *5* word mission: Faith, Family, Freedom, Hope, and Opportunity

- Why the GOP should change their moniker to "Great Opportunity Party"

- How our traditions knit us together no matter our political affiliation

- The importance of keeping the government in its place so that you make the ultimate decisions for your family

- How history played a part in the book and why it's important to truly define conservatism

- Conservatives are givers that want to improve their community, share their faith/values, and treat everyone fairly

- Why safety, security, law, and order are of the upmost importance right now and will play a role in who they vote for in November

- Women are looking for someone that will tell them the truth and keep their word

- Americans know that they can depend on President Trump and the Republicans to bring back the economy that was booming before the coronavirus

- How the difference between Republicans and Democrats were made clear at the national conventions for each party

- The fact that the Democrat party's platform is radical, dangerous to our country, and against all of our traditional conservative values

- How important is it to be a strong woman of faith and stand for your Conservative values?

- Why China's business model is to lie, cheat, and steal from the United States and How it's important for Trump to stop them

Plus so much more!