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Aug 25, 2020

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Jason Bartlett, who is cycling 1350 miles to the White House to bring awareness and an end to Farm Murders in South Africa plus stop communism in America.

During this tremendous podcast, Jason shares...

Why he started his journey across America to the White House and his mission at hand

His background including growing up in South Africa as a White minority

The truth about communism and why Americans need to wake up to the reality of communism

Jason Bartlett - Conservative Business Journal Podcast

Why socialism is communism disguised and how it will destroy America

How the pagan, communist regime devastated South Africa

Who the socialist Democrats are and why we stand against their attempts to turn
America into a socialist country

Jason Bartlett - Conservative Business Journal Podcast

Why America is a beacon of hope for so many people around the world

How he is exposing the genocide going on in South Africa that's being hidden
by the media

Who he puts his faith in and how he is rewarded for his faith

Jason Bartlett - Conservative Business Journal Podcast

What the American flag means to him and why he would never kneel for any flag or any person

Plus so much more!


To learn more about Jason Bartlett's mission and follow him on his journey to the White House, go to