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Jul 10, 2020

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Chris Storie about the murder of her brother, Joe, by an illegal alien.

In this powerful podcast, Chris shares...

- How her brother, Joe, was murdered by an illegal alien while they were on vacation plus how she and her sister-in-law were
almost killed

- When she found out at the hospital that her brother had died

- The fact that she and her entire family have been permanently separated from her brother unlike the illegal aliens that are
temporarily separated from their families after they illegally enter America

- Her brother was only 51 years old and has three children. He was also part owner of a construction business in which he
refused to hire illegal aliens.

- The importance of American business owners not hiring illegal aliens

- Why she doesn't call the murder of her brother an "accident"

- How the criminal illegal alien fled the hospital after he killed her brother and was later caught and put in jail

- What happened when the indigent illegal alien had his bond reduced and was released from jail

- How the legal system put the criminal illegal alien's life before the lives of an American citizen that was killed and a American family that was forever  devastated

- How the judge and attorneys allowed her brother's killer to walk free with no supervision and the conflict of interest that existed because of the judge's wife being an immigration attorney

- To make matters worse, the criminal illegal alien had no remorse and disrespected Chris and her family

- Why the criminal illegal alien paid no medical bills while Chris and her family was devastated by medical bills and expenses 

Plus so much more!