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Jul 30, 2020

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews David Thomas Roberts, founder of 2x Monuments.

During this podcast, David shares...

- Why he created 2X Monuments, a non-profit organization has been formed to counteract the removal and destruction of historical monuments across the United States.

- The organization has no paid staff and 100% of all donations will go to this effort 

- What is really happening in our nation and how he stepped up to one of the few defending the monuments

- Why most Republicans are spineless when it comes to confronting issues like those that deal with our monuments

- How the rioters are doing the job that the Democrats don't want to pay for by tearing down monuments

- There are 17 monuments of Communist leaders that have not been defaced or destroyed

- 284 monuments have been destroyed by the liberal mob and/or city governments and not once were the people in those communities weren't asked about the removal

- Cultural terrorism is going on and Republicans are saying nothing while Democrats are seizing opportunities

- The fate of the statues and monuments that are being torn down

- The organization plans to unite private landowners, artists and donors to preserve and expand the number of monuments across America.

- How his ancestors were an inspiration in creating this organization in defiance of the liberal left attempt to destroy history

- Why he believes there will be bloodshed over the destruction of these monuments

- How President Trump has stepped up and confronted the radical left mob destroying the monuments and trying to erase US history

- What the American flag means to him and why he will always stand for the anthem

Plus so much more!


For more information about David's mission and support this great cause, go to