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Jan 27, 2020

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, you'll hear John Di Lemme, founder of the Conservative Business Journal, teaching LIVE from stage at the Rock the Red USA Conference in Greenville, South Carolina.

Listen as John shares *3* Strategies on How to Maximize Capitalism in America from his soon to be released book, “Making Capitalism Great Again - How to Maximize America’s Booming Economy Plus the ABCs of Socialism versus Capitalism.”

Here are just a few nuggets that you'll learn...

- Why and How Socialism is Deadly and Demonic
- The Truth behind the Impeachment Hoax
- What to say to the people who dislike President Trump and all he is doing for America
- How Conservative Business Owners can Build Highly Profitable Revenue Streams
- The #1 Secret to Absolutely take your Success in Life and Business to Record Breaking Levels with the Economy Booming under President Trump