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Feb 29, 2020

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Dr. Olga Ravasi, an expert in Balkan affairs, South Central Europe, and the Middle East that advises U.S. corporate, government, and nongovernmental organization clients on matters affecting their plans, interests, and operations in these regions.

Listen as she shares...

- As an immigrant woman, why she doesn't need identity politics that the Democrats are pushing

- Why she supports President Trump's America First policy

- How she's assisting with tracking the migrant crisis and why she commends President Trump for his immigration policy

- Why human and drug trafficking through other countries into
the United States must be stopped at its root

- What happens if you have no border control and we allow Democrats to open our borders

- How ISIS fighters that landing in European airports are now being tracked and how this impacts America

- What it's like to live in a Socialist country

- Why Democrat ideas are destructive for the future of America

Plus so much more!