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Jul 29, 2020

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Liz Harrington, National Spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, about how Joe Biden and liberals will destroy America.


During the podcast, Liz shares...

How the violence in Democrat run cities is a sneak peek of America under Joe Biden

Why Violence is happening because Democrats are allowing the lawlessness

How the left is using Joe Biden to usher in a liberal agenda

The fact that Joe Biden doesn't condemn feces, pig's feet, and other things that
rioters are throwing at police office trying to stop the violence

Why Democrats are saying the violence is a myth used by Republicans to boost Trump's poll numbers

What is the Unity Task Force and why is it simply a manifesto between Joe Biden and Socialist Bernie Sanders?

The radical ideology being pushed by the Democrat party and why it's dangerous for America

How Democrats are focused on destroying America and how they will accomplish their mission

Why defunding the police will be devastating for Americans especially when the safety of citizens is being compromised for the Democrat agenda

The truth behind President Trump's promise to the "President for all Americans" and how he's kept this promise

Why President Trump will always do what's right even if it's not politically popular

→ The importance of voting and not allowing the Democrat party steal the election

Plus so much more!