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Feb 13, 2020

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Natalie Harp.

Natalie explains how President Trump saved her life with the Right to Try Act plus she shares...

- How being a victim of a medical error that nearly killed her showed her how bad healthcare was in the United States

- What options California gave her to end her life instead of save it

- How she waited for medication to come on the market as she was shuffled to pain clinics

- Why Obamacare was more about a president than a patient

- When others told her to die, President Trump showed her to never give up!

- How Trump fights for the most vulnerable in America - sick, unborn, and terminally ill.

- How government has failed Americans with healthcare and how Trump is fixing it

- The impact of giving illegal immigrants free healthcare when Americans are suffering

- The Democrats socialist healthcare plan: Everyone may have insurance, but there is no quality of care, and having insurance doesn't make a difference if you can't see a doctor.

- Price transparency under President Trump to stop financial fraud. How drug companies get kickbacks.

- How the story of the Good Samaritan applies to what President Trump has done for healthcare

Plus so much more!