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Jul 24, 2020

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal podcast, John Di Lemme shares why he founded the Conservative Business Journal on the United Patriots Uprising Radio Show.

Here are a some points that I discuss during the interview...

The left, radical, liberal socialists are trying to destroy Conservative values in America.

Capitalism is the heartbeat of America. And right now the radical left is trying to create a heart attack in America. 

How the Conservative Business Journal gives a voice to the silent majority.

An explanation of our creed that includes these words...

"Conserve and protect the conservative values of honesty, hard work and integrity that are the rock-solid foundation of America. We support our president, respect our American flag, stand side-by-side with fellow Americans, cling to our Bibles for hope, believe in God and forever fight for the country we call home, the United States of America.”

Why it's important to get the Real News out to Americans and how we educate people by revealing the truth

The importance of standing on your faith not taking a knee and never cowering in fear of the left's threats don’t take a knee. 

Plus so much more!