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May 2, 2020

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast,
John Di Lemme interviews former FBI agent John Ligato, who explains how the Comey Gang secretly setup General Michael Flynn.

Plus Ligato shares...

- Behind the scenes information about the two FBI agents that interviewed General Flynn

- Discuss Flynn's interview with the Russian ambassador and how the FBI said Flynn "lied"

- The missing 302 of the interview and then it reappears, but not the full document on a summary

- The deep state orchestration that led to General Flynn's conviction

- Why General Flynn pleaded guilty to save his family and why vacating the guilty plea  is so difficult

- Comey knew that protocol was not followed in the Flynn investigation and took advantage of the transition of the Trump administration

- What we wouldn't have known if Hillary Clinton would have been elected President

Plus so much more!