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Jul 7, 2020

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Angel Mom, Judy Zieto, whose son, Blake, was brutally murdered by an illegal alien.

Judy shares...

- How her son, Blake, had just turned 20 years old and looked forward to being a fireman

- When Blake was brutally murdered by a criminal illegal alien and how the illegal alien left her son to die

- How she found out that her son was murdered and was unable to view her son's body because how badly he was burned

- The illegal alien that murdered her son was scheduled to be deported a month prior and committed several crimes prior
to killing Blake

- The difference between a criminal illegal alien and immigrants
that are in America legally

- How many innocent American citizens are killed or badly hurt every day by illegal aliens

- The fact that thousands of illegal aliens are driving around in America without a driver's license and police can't even ask if they are legal American citizens

- Why she didn't get to say goodbye to her son and how she was only able to hold his hand before he was taken away from her forever

- What happened when she and other Angel families showed up
peacefully at Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris' offices to speak with them after their calls to their offices were ignored

- How illegal aliens in our nation affects ALL Americans not just those that have family members killed by criminal illegal aliens

- Why she supports President Donald J. Trump and who she
says is holding him back

Plus so much more!